Family Constellations

Why Family Constellations are so powerful?

Imagine a group of strangers placed in the middle of the room crying, screaming, hugging, loving, hating, walking around, laying down or staring in silence…. Sounds like a scripted movie scene… but these emotions are REAL.

That is why it works and is so effective, all because of THE KNOWING FIELD. 

It isn’t a matter of your beliefs or skills. It happens on its own whether you believe it or not.


And then things that you needed in your life start happening…

You receive THAT information, You meet THAT person, You find THAT job, You stop feeling THAT anger

Beautiful, right? 

How does it work?

A Family Constellations can be performed individually or in groups.

A client seeking help briefly describes the issue. Then the facilitator or a client intuitively picks representatives from the group members and asks them to step into the “field” (morphogenic field).

Representatives can embody almost everything (family members, finances, health problems, pain, emotions etc). They connect to the knowing field and are able to sense the hidden dynamics behind the issue. The seeker gains a new perspective, becomes conscious of the unconscious. 

Have you ever thought that some of your actions and behaviors could have been passed on to you from your ancestors? 

Family Constellations help to shift profound causes of undesirable life circumstances. The energy starts flowing again where it had been blocked for years. 

What are Family Constellations?

We know we inherit our physical DNA but did you know that we inherit much more?

Have you ever heard a saying “History likes to repeat itself”?

Have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever thought that your feelings or thoughts might not be even yours?

Maybe it did not start with you?

Do you still believe in coincidences?

Do you still believe in coincidences? 

Our past experiences as well as experiences of our ancestors can seriously affect our actions and behaviors today. 

Often unconscious fears and blockages create overwhelming problems, or undesired repeating patterns of events in life.

Family Constellations is a ground-breaking method developed by Bert Hellinger aiming to go deeper into the roots of fears, traumas, unresolved emotions that sometimes linger even decades in the family lineage.


Family Constellations also known as Systemic Constellations started to be recognized in scientific circles and are used more often in psychoanalysis all over the world.

Thanks to Hellinger’s methodology “Orders of love” and harmony can be re-established so you can be successful in your private and business life once again.


Individual Sessions

If you are ready to address your life challenges and welcome desired changes. I am here to help you to find YOUR PATH to SUCCESS.

Individual sessions take 1.5-2 hours.